[An extract from my Facebook page]
In 1816, after two unsuccessful attempts to control Nalapani fort by direct attack, East Indian force was forced to change its strategy. They sought to defeat Nepal by cutting off the fort’s external water supply. Balbhadra, refusing to surrender, led the surviving women and children to safety. Because Nepal had been able to win the heart of the enemy, later on, British government started recruiting Nepali soldiers in its regiment.

A lot of water has flown in the river since then yet the fundamental nature of Nepali people has not changed. They are still ready to suffer anything but national dignity. But this time India has come better prepared. Instead of live bullets, it is using the language (agendas) as weapons against Nepal. Inspired by Srilankan Tamil Tigers, India, this time, has also prepared some human bombs under the brand names such as Rajendra Mahato, Anil Kumar Jha, C.K.Lal and so on to break the nation apart from within. In the place of Balabhadra Kunwar, and Ammar Singh Thapa, our military commanders, now, are K.P. Oli and Puspakamal Dahal, who, unlike our great heroes of the past, are hiding somewhere in Baluwataar yet fighting back bravely. India had cut off water supply then but now it has become smarter enough to cut off our petroleum supplies since it knows very well that we use petrol or diesel to pump out the underground water!

Fortunately, this time too we are going to prevail. Nepal has already found an antidote to Indian venom which lies at the heart of every Nepali citizen and i.e. PATRIOTISM and its supplies never end.