[ An extract from my Facebook page]


India wants to bring Indira Gandhi’s “Split Nepal Operation” to a logical end and Modi government is seriously working in this direction, with a friendly mask. The slogan of “Single Madhesh Single Province” is a part of Indian grand design. India wants to tear up the southern belt of Nepal and to separate it from Nepal in the long run.
Tarai leaders, knowingly or unknowingly, are being just a part Indian game. They are knowingly or unknowingly helping India in de-linking Tarai with Kathmandu and linking it to Delhi.
Madhesh-based parties are pressurizing Nepalese government to develop all the infrastructures in Madhesh so they can ignore Kathmandu. Some of them have even asked for two senates in Nepal: one in Kathmandu and another in Tarai so that, in the long run, they will drag Tarai into Indian Union.
The question arises- Isn’t it a fact that some of the Madesh based leaders got Nepalese citizenship by some unfair means and they are in actually Indian citizen? Can they be the leaders working on behalf of greater Nepal? Should Nepalese citizen of Tarai support them?