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In the financial year 2010-11, China offered US$35.48 million in aid to Nepal, a huge jump from the US$140,000 in 2005-06.Much of this aid goes into road building and hydro-electric power plants. A sizeable portion goes to Nepal’s army and police.

China’s share of all trade with Nepal is rising day by day and India is alarmed to this. Chinese products are now common throughout Nepal, and are generally regarded as cheap, but of good quality. Yet India’s share in Nepali market is still around 60%.

India is deeply disturbed with this rising Chinese Influence in Nepal and Modi’s visit to Nepal was just a business trip to change the present scenarios. During his visit, Modi offered Nepal US$1 billion in concessional loans to build power plants and roads in an effort to make up for past neglect. It was not because Modi loved Nepal but he wanted to contain Chinese influence in Nepal. Most of us took that as an act of benevolence but actually it was a business strategy.

India has already realized that its monopoly over Nepali market is going to end very soon. This is what has troubled India the most. The whole nation has gone mad now. It has lost its senses. In order to gain control over Nepal, India, this time, has been using selected leaders of Madhesh based parties.

Negotiation is inevitable. India is not doing all this to lose grip over Nepali market rather it will attempt to sanction certain treaties which will be more damaging to Nepal, in the long run. We should not just believe on the manifest agenda they throw. We must be able to read between the lines. This time we must be very watchful for we already know what hidden agenda India carries up her sleeve. After all, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!