[An extract from my Facebook post]

… Happy Vijay Dashami Anyway!

The nation is rife with internal and external conflict and our government has been unable to deliver any positive messages. As situation has become tense, civil disorder, communal discontents have become very common. Avarice of our political leaders has further exacerbated the antagonism. The country is not being able to control its boarder. Government is losing authority over parts of its own territory. Our diplomatic channels have failed, utterly. Fuel, medicine, food and other daily necessities have become scarce. Citizens are slowly realizing that the state has abandoned them. Our leaders, immersing themselves in a loot culture, are bargaining over their own gains and now they are busy with a numbers game- counting majority and minority!

Despite uncountable troubles, a hope has come to our doorsteps. It has tingled our hearts and reverberated our minds. This time, may Goddess Durga destroy not the same old Mahisasur again and again for we have new Aasurs around us here and she might already have “taken a note” of them! Happy Vijay Dashami, anyway.