An Imaginary conversation between a student and a teacher-5

Student: Why stories are important? What actually do story writers do?

Teacher: Let me explain this question with the help of a story itself.

[There was once a famous archer who entered a village and saw several targets drawn on a wall. In the absolute center of each target was an arrow. The archer asked the villagers, “Who has accomplished this amazing feat?”
The villagers laughed and said, “It was the village fool who did it.”
The archer said. “Bring me to this “fool” for he is truly a great master.
The archer was brought before the village fool. He reverently bowed low and said,
“Great master, tell me, how are you able to shoot a bull’s eye every time?”
The village fool replied with a grin, “It is easy! First I shoot the arrow and then I draw the target.”]
This is what happens with the story writers. First they introduce the topic for which they have a perfect story, and then the story helps them to make their point every time. Thus story writers can exert tremendous influence on the readers. ( It will be followed by a beautiful poem in my next posting)