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Since my childhood, I have always aspired to become a good teacher and I want to prepare myself for that. What are the qualities of a good teacher? How can someone become a good teacher? Teacher: The question like this demands too much information and energy so I will just make an attempt to summarize the main ideas. They are:
i. A good teacher thinks constantly and plans teaching and learning activities in terms of their probable contribution to the direction and acceleration of the all-around growth and the development of the learner.
ii. A good teacher is one who thinks properly in terms of the preparation of young people for life- preparation of young people to perform well in the situations which they will face as citizens, as workers, as members of homes, in their leisure life, and in their attainment of physical and mental health.
iii. A good teacher is one who has established interest in continued learning and prepared youngsters for continued learning in school, in college, and after school days are over.
iv. A good teacher is constantly alert to recognize and exploit opportunities to provide experiences for learners which will contribute to the acquisition of appropriate information, contacts, understandings, physical, social and intellectual skills, physical, social and intellectual habits, ideals, attitudes, interests and tastes- appropriate types of growth of these various types which will contribute to preparation for life’s activities.
v. A good teacher provides opportunity for each youngster to develop and give expression to his desire for activity and creativity and for the learner’s initiative.
vi. A good teacher is constantly aware of the fact that one cannot teach a class- a class cannot learn as a class. A class has no common learning antenna or equipment; each individual has his own. A good teacher teaches the individual.
vii. A good teacher uses audio-visual means to a great extent- film, slides, charts, diagrams, exhibits, and trips into the community.
viii. A good teacher exerts great effort to see that the content of various subjects is related in the learning activities of the pupils to the community, to life activities and life needs.
ix. A good teacher provides for a great deal of definite learning activity other than reading material from books both in class and out of class.
x. A good teacher interests youngsters in learning activities which will involve thinking, investigation, organization of material and ideas, written and oral expression, and actual construction of things which they can handle. xi. A good teacher finds time somehow, somewhere, to keep up with the rapidly changing ideas and the more rapidly changing world.
xii. A good teacher uses modern methods of evaluation and reacts accordingly. xiii. A good teacher also develops better methods of reporting to parents. She does not rely entirely upon old fashioned formal report cards.
xiv. The good teacher belongs to appropriate educational professional organizations and reads a number of professional journals and participates eagerly and actively in in-service teacher growth activities of her school or school system.
xv. A good teacher has developed a very high sense of professional ethics involving professional relationships with her colleagues and professional, academic freedom, and good public relations. The good teacher is, therefore, not only a good teacher but is in the process of becoming a better teacher.