[An extract from my Facebook post]
India imposed a” blockade” over Nepal in 1990, in order to overthrow the Nepalese Panchayat system and the large population of Nepal welcomed India’s move as a support for democracy. Nepal failed to understand the symbolic meaning of that blockade that time- It was basically a blackmail which India used against Nepal to fulfill her own vested interests.

Upto 2002, India instituted significant trade restrictions on Nepal, in course of the so called bilateral trade agreements. These restrictions barred Nepal effectively from enjoying the basic rights a landlocked country is automatically entitled.

This time also India openly unmasked its blackmailing nature by imposing an unofficial blockade on Nepal. This blockage has violated various rights of a landlocked country such as: The Vienna Convention, Law of the Seas, WTO laws, Transit Treaty, Bilateral Trade Treaty, Asian Highway Agreement, SAFTA agreement, and so on.
A democratic country like India has no right to disregard a neighbor’s democratic practices. According to a report prepared by UNDP in 2002, nine of the twelve countries with the lowest Human Development Index scores in the world are landlocked countries. Nepal’s dependence on India’s transit routes for access to overseas market itself is the biggest roadblock to our prosperity.
If we don’t seek some realistic alternatives to this problem; India, a Blackmailing Nation, one day, would gobble a slice of Nepal up and we would still not be in the position to speak.
So it is not a time to compromise, it’s a time to SPEAK! It’s a time to RESIST!